About us

The world is changing rapidly around us. From climate change, advances in AI, to mysteries around whether we are alone in the universe, The Night Desk tackles all these topics and more.

Who we are

Rich was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in the early ‘80s. Since he was a child, he’s been fascinated with astronomy, biology, psychology, and technology. He’s been in various technology roles as a leader in human-centred design, development, and recently exploring the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence, his focus on the podcast is largely around the latest advancements humans have been making in emerging technologies. A side passion for many years has also been the discovery of various unexplained phenomenon, culminating in this podcast.

What we aren’t

This isn’t a conspiracy theory website. If we jump on something new and (yet) unexplained, our viewers can be assured that as more information arises, they’ll be notified as well.

Our goal is to approach this exercise with some measure of integrity—despite the subject matter at times—so it is important that as our understanding evolves, our reporting will as well. Just like the scientific method, we may observe, we may hypothesize, we may publish, and we may adapt.